Upstairs emergency heat strips apparently have gone bad causing other issues. I have contacted a couple of HVAC dealers to quote for a heat pump to replace an old gas furnace only system (no AC and no solar). Our climate here in Washington state is very different from yours in Maryland. Installation costs of heat pumps can be high, and while they may save you money in the long-run, an expensive upfront cost is not possible for everyone. I do understand that some A/C units can work only to cool (meaning to take the heat outside) but today most of them can also heat (taking the heat inside). While each person’s preferences are different, the value for heating might make a heat pump a better choice. We live in South Louisiana. They don’t cool off the house per se, but pull the heat right out of the house and reduce upstairs temperatures but as much as eight degrees. Heat pumps also work extremely efficiently, because they simply transfer heat, … Who would sell us the equipment and are you a WA state company? Washington Energy Services’ home energy specialists can help you choose your best cooling option. Unlike conventional air-conditioning systems, the existing hot water heating system can be used if a house is going to be cooled using a heat pump. Or do I need another central AC unit? Besides the cost of your conditioner and its installation, you will probably need a separate heating unit to use in your home during the colder months. If it is small and/or low toward the ground on the upper level, it will not properly remove the heat that is collecting in the summer. currently my AC is over 25 years old and I do have old oil furnace. is that leaking water or refrigerant? If you live in a climate that can get extremely hot, having central air can be the most reliable way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during warmer months. That's good, as it usually takes less energy to move heat from one area to another than it costs to heat that area in the first place. If your baseboard heat does not cost that much, you may find an AC a less expensive upgrade. Hi, my husband and I are looking at buying a new construction home, around 4300 sf, in a rural part of King County that uses propane instead of gas. Thanks. Should I consider a heat pump? By removing the heat, your home feels cooler. It might surprise you to learn that the majority of homes in Seattle do not have air conditioning, although many are getting it in the past few years as it warms up here. These units are made up of large compressors that can produce lots of cool air at once to distribute throughout a space. If you have relatively low cost electricity, then heat pumps can be much cheaper to run. They’ll not only cool, but they heat as well. My AC guy recommends going AC and Furnace. I'm James. We are buying a house that has an efficient gas furnace. Hi The main difference is air conditioners only cool your home and heat pumps both heat and cool it. Summers are hot and humid, winters can get cold (below 32F) but not too often (several times a year). The reason for looking into heat pump is due to high cost of propane. Hi Susan, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest to you to give us a call at 800-398-4663 and get us down there for a quote. Just look at these two high quality systems from Lennox. I have a 500 sq ft, 1 bedroom house with cadet heaters and a 12,000 BTU, portable AC unit. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out a free estimate form and we would be happy to get into the details! We’d love to help! Hi, We have our temperature spikes where we’ll reach temps closer to 90, but they are short-lived. I currently have a 6 year old 80% efficient gas furnace and no AC. The heat pump’s main advantage is it can cool and heat, so you can use it all year round. They use the science of thermal energy to transfer heat in the air from one place to another. A local HVAC contractor should be able to give you good options. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to make sure that your system is efficient. When it comes to household cooling, a heat pump and A/C are essentially the same machine. Under optimal conditions, air-source heat pump systems can drop a home’s energy consumption by as much as 40 percent. Our house is around 5200 sq ft. Ranch, about 2140 sq ft. Coming from the Chicago area with plenty of temperature extremes we are unsure of how important it will be to install ac. They both heat and cool. There are room air conditioners that hang out your window and cool one room and air conditioning systems, aka central air, which is what we are comparing to heat pumps today. If you live in our service area, we would be happy to provide you with one. Heat pumps and ductless heat pumps do both heating and cooling. We have a huge range of air conditioning units, save money on your energy bills now. Thanks! Duct work issues are often pre-existing and hard to know the full extent of before a heat pump or air conditioner is installed, as delivering cool air has some different challenges compared to delivering heat. REBATES & DISCOUNTS, Know Your Home Since the technology on them is more compact and advanced, the units themselves, as well as the installation, can be substantially more expensive than AC units. A great “first step” is to have an energy audit done. Heat pumps are machines that can pump heat in both directions—from the inside to the outside (cooling) and from the outside to the inside (heating). We serve the Olympia area and can draw up a list of very comparable options with higher SEER ratings to get your return on investment even faster. Air Conditioners are paired usually with a gas furnace, as you explain, to provide heat. A heat pump is a great choice for Western Washington. In fact, our climate is one of the most efficient for heat pump operation. Most people don’t realize that heat pumps come in different sizes, which relate to how much output it will take to heat your house (or cool it). In order to tell which way to go, we’d need more detailed information. Both systems are powered by outdoor units. No question you should go with a ductless heat pump. Hi, yours is the only website I’ve found that shows heat pump heating cost vs. other fuels/technologies. It’s a two story house approximately 2500 Sq ft. Air conditioning, Ductless heat pump, Heat pump. My wife and I are looking at a home to buy and it has a heat pump with all duct work, the description says heat pump for heating and cooling is listed as other. Go AC! If you heat your home with electricity, then the energy savings from a heat pump could be meaningful, and you should definitely give it a look. The average lifespan of a heat pump is. Is a heat pump much louder than an AC? ———-. Knowtheflo is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. We’ll assume you mean that the heat pump is $1000 more? Hi Jim, we are big fans of both heat pumps and ACs. Thanks! I’ll pass this information onto him so he can make an informed decision. There are a lot of benefits to using a heat pump vs air conditioners: When choosing between a heat pump vs AC units, it’s good to know about the positives of air conditioning: Knowing the downsides of air conditioning should also be a part of your decision on whether to go with heat a pump vs AC: Before you can decide on a heat pump vs AC, it’s important to understand what each is and how it works. I would be sure to hire a professional to install a central air conditioning unit in my home to ensure that my family will enjoy cool air throughout the summer months regardless of which room they enter in the house. It was built with higher insulation and we added solar panels last summer. Our home energy specialists would be happy to answer the heat pump questions and the generator questions specific to your home. Hello! Okay, there’s more science than that, but you get the idea (or check out Is a heat pump expected to be as efficient as an A/C unit? If you only have a small space that you want to air condition, window units are an affordable option. In the summer, heat pumps will move the warm air outside, leaving your house cool. It seems that in the NW, gas and electricity are relatively inexpensive. Heat pumps are not suitable for every climate. Thank u very much for your advice. We have gas hot water baseboard heat. Also, are attic fans commonly installed in this area? That’s good to know that a heat pump can heat and cool your home and that it also is an economical source for heat. Q#1: Would I be correct that the tankless water heater needs minor AC power to function? Also ask about any local or state rebates available. A lot of factors go into deciding how to heat and cool a home. Please call us anytime today at 1 (800) 398-HOME. We would be happy to do that for you, just give us a call. But can I still run the ac unit without the heat pump? It was built in 2006 and has a gas furnace and existing ductwork. Is a heat pump the best way to go for me? Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. Thank you! They both cool well and both will work hard for you. With your portable air conditioner heater installed correctly, it can provide you year-round comfort for … However, with your sq.footage we’d suggest that you schedule a free estimate from one of our trained craftsmen at Washington Energy Services. Which is more efficient for cooling an AC unit or heat pump. Buying cooling equipment may seem like a large investment for only a couple months, but on those nights when you are losing sleep due to a hot bedroom, air conditioning seems like a life saver. What we as a contractor are trying to do is create an efficient and effective system. In fact, a heat pump generates four times the energy that it consumes. Because heat pumps make use of both an indoor and an outdoor unit, the installation process can be difficult and time-consuming and may disrupt your house and daily life. If the install is incorrect, even the best quality equipment can have a shorter lifespan. Thanks! We’re looking at a Trane heat pump vs. Trane AC. Thanks for the question. Hello Marjorie and thanks for asking. Hello Ac, you say your heat pump is leaking? If you go with a heat pump, it will run on electricity year round, all day. Will one heat pump be adequate to heat and cool my house. Hope that helps. I have never had any dealings with these systems. I’m a little confused because I once lived in Florida, where they sold “Air Conditioners” which both heated and cooled. Split-ductless heat pumps also are made up of an indoor and an outdoor unit. With a window air conditioning unit, all of the components used to cool the room are held inside of a single box. The reason would be that with a 1500 sq ft house, and depending on the layout of that house, you may need to have multiple ductless heads. Alternatively, maybe your heat pump doesn’t cool down after use, or it runs constantly. we are needing to replace the AC for our 30 yr old 3000sqft home near SLC,utah. So a heat pump can serve as both your air conditioner in the summer as well as your heater in the winter. Now, we’re looking at a heat pump vs. AC and the question I have is about noise. Hi Ed. Here in the Northwest, we have a longer heating season, so heat pumps are more common because they efficiently heat and cool. We live in Lacey/Olympia, WA and have a two story, 1722 sf home. Plus in California, be sure to look up the local rebate programs. I think you’ll find that AC will not be necessary unless you want a complete guarantee of year-round comfort. Heat pump estimate was $1000 more. Could a ducted mini-split utilize my existing ducting? They are operated by remote control. In the Miami FL nearly all year warm climate which is the best option between A/C and Heat Pump? Tubing connects the two units, and the heat is absorbed from one area (such as inside your house) and then released in another area (outside). Is there significant savings between a unit with Seer/Hspf of 20.2/10.3 and one that has 19.2/10. They are far better in parts of the country that have moderate or light winters. The water heater wouldn’t pose a problem. Best of luck! During the heating season, the operating costs for a heat pump can be much lower than a traditional furnace. The portable isn’t strong enough for the whole house and only keeps the area near it cool. Will I save more energy if I go with a Lennox Signature Collection XP25 Heat Pump? Cons. You will probably need another. Reach out to a local installer and they’re sure to help you get what you need. Is it worth my while to look into heating-and-cooling ductless systems, or are my existing radiators more efficient? My question is, are they correct or misinformed? We just moved in our new home in NJ & our propane furnace has seen its last day we have two zones & r wondering if adding heat pump would benefit us in our cold winters and hot summers. Thanks to a reversing valve in the outdoor unit, a heat pump can absorb heat energy from outside air, even in extremely cold temperatures, and transfer the heat inside the home, where it releases the heat into the air. Duct work and airflow are key to a system working correctly. Hey! There are two types of air-source heat pumps. Local utilities have typical comparison charts to support this, and it is fairly well-known around the industry. The way that it is determined is by doing a state mandated Manual J heat loss calculation based on measuring your specific home. I really didn’t know this. Thanks for this information. How would I determine if I need a 2 or 3 ton unit for a heat pump system, Thanks for asking about heat pump sizing. We have natural gas, gas and power is relatively cheap in our region. We would have to see and work with you in person to make a recommendation in this case. It’s a wonderful blog and it will be helpful to so many people. The important thing here is that you do not need to suffer through those hot summer nights and prices can be reasonable to cool down. Could you tell me which ductless a/c multi-split brand has the best SEER/efficiency rating? I have a heat pump and find it is not keeping up with the current hot weather. (we are in upstate NY) The units connect by a line-set charged with eco-friendly refrigerant to a coil that is placed above your furnace. I live in central Washington where it’s cold in the winter & hot in the summer. In mild climates where heat pumps are more efficient for heating during the winter, one system can be used for both heating and cooling, reducing your overall For instance, your climate zone. Yes, heat pumps can do a great job of cooling homes in the summer. Hi Jay, thanks for the question. Insulation has a huge impact on the comfort of your home – in both winter and summer. All Rights Reserved. I have a two bed 900sq. Would a heat pump really save us more than a quality A/C unit? Thank you. Now, we do free estimates so that we can see your situation and hear your comfort concerns first-hand. Hi there. Because heat pumps remove heat from a cool area and transfer it to a warm area, they can be used to both heat and cool and so can be useful all year long. There are three different kinds of heat pumps that could be used in your home: Understanding air conditioning units will play a big role in helping you decide on a heat pump vs AC. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. Both these units are made by the same company. I live in south Texas and run my A/C almost constantly from March to end of November. I thank you because the article has told me something new. You can probably consider a full house sized AC from around $4000-$8000 and a heat pump from $5000-9000. I wanted to give props to whoever is continually replying to these random questions, 3 years later, with many people outside your service area. You are better off getting separate heating and cooling units to handle the temperature swings. I’m trying to decide between a Central A/C or Heat Pump. The indoor units should be installed somewhere high, like up on a wall or on the ceiling. I live in the Hudson Valley, New York. If you’re interested in having one of our Home Energy Specialists take a look at your system, that would be the best way to decide a course of action (and it’s completely free!). So again that means that it’s the same? Not sure the payback period is worth the incremental cost. Bellingham climate data shows that the summers are mild, like most of the Puget Sound. Advertisement. House will have gas furnace and ductwork. Lots of space needed– you'll need enough space in your garden for the external condenser unit (comparable in size to an air-conditioning unit). We are thinking heat pump for heating/cooling/water heater with a small furnace to supplement during the winter will be the way to go, but not quite sure. If you are supplementing existing heat from a furnace, this shouldn’t be a problem, because the portable heat pump recycles the inside air that is already warmed. Heat pumps can save you money! Thanks! Thank you. When I moved to Washington, I was told I had a “Heat Pump” (and that’s what it says on the outdoor unit) AND a “furnace” (which in FL was called “Auxiliary Heat”), and that it only heated. My gas/electric (joint) PSE bill runs about $95 in the summer and $250 in the winter. For smaller apartments or single rooms, window units are the most common type of air conditioner. This is a factor of not only the size of your house but the ducts, windows, insulation, state codes where you live, and other criteria. Hello and thanks for asking. Air conditioning units are common in many homes, but most people don’t understand how they actually work. Heat pumps and air conditioners actually perform virtually the same, with very similar energy efficiency levels. We have an upstairs and downstairs heat pump units. Hello Marc, cooling is definitely becoming more widely used in Seattle. I would like to be able to cool my entire house, and I don’t want to invest in something that won’t be any better than what I currently have. The process can seem complicated, but the bottom line is that unwanted heat is removed from your house through a set of coils and fans. When you live in areas where the summers are very hot or the winters quite cold, most heat pumps are not equipped to be able to handle the extremes, so you may need a backup system. Gary, welcome to Washington! While there are similarities, they are not the same. Simultaneous Heating & Cooling – Gas absorption heat pump (air source or geothermal) that simultaneously produces hot water& chilled water. Several different factors can determine whether you’d want to use a heat pump vs air conditioners, and there is no one answer for everyone. Hello K. Both of those units would be efficient. Years ago we lost electrical power during an ice storm. Any recommendations? There are no ducts in a home I’m considering buying. Thank you!! I am currently purchasing a home with central ac with ducks in the ceiling and electric base board though out the house. Hi Jeff, thanks for asking about the savings. It gets much warmer in VA than it does here in Western Washington. Same heating and cooling output one is called HE (high efficency). It sounds like you’ve got a lot to consider. The average lifespan of a heat pump is generally 15 years. Question: I live in New England and am replacing my furnace and central AC (They are both 25 years old). How? A secondary consideration would be placement & sound. They are great for combined heating/cooling of the whole house or just for one room. Just give us a call or fill out the online free estimate form. It works by transferring heat instead of creating it (furnaces burn fuel to generate heat) which is why it is used as a two way system. I am living in Washington State. HI, A heat pump offers a homeowner a great option for comfort… as well as a bit of a puzzling dilemma. The heat pump you describe sounds like it's designed to move heat in both directions. But, we suggest having a pro give you a free estimate. However, a heat pump loses that efficiency when weather dips into the extreme cold, or even below 30 degrees, Jacob … But, throughout the year (especially in moderate climates) heat pumps are the way to go. The best way to evaluate choices is to get one of our pros to come out. Speak with a project advisor today, Washington Energy | 06/15/2012 | Posted in If you heat pump is off you may be able to use your furnace or air handler on a fan setting, but without the compressor on, no AC. We don’t sell Trane – we are a Bryant dealer, a brand we very much believe in. I have it in my bedroom where it’s highly effective, but that leaves the rest of the house to heat up. What are you thoughts? Thanks! Right now I am leaning towards the A/C unit since the house was built in 2011 and is well insulated. We live in Seattle and put in a heat pump last year for our 5000 sq ft home. If you are an electrically heated home, chances are your utility is offering $800-$1200 rebates on these units. Both systems use the refrigeration process to extract heat energy and moisture from inside air, and then release the heat into the outside air, using refrigerant, copper coils, fans and a compressor. We find that heat pumps are fantastic for our climate here in Western Washington. That is a great question and there can be many factors that can influence your decision. They are more energy efficient then air conditioners and can be installed as central units in the same way. Very high temperatures and very low temperatures make it harder for your heat pump to stay in the comfort zone. Hi Brian, thanks for the question. One of the biggest advantages of a heat pump over a standard heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is that there's no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home. But all in all, both systems are very similar! The current debate in our household is whether to replace units with heat pump with emergency heat strips, duel fuel units(heat pump with natural gas), or Central air with gas furnace. Heat Pumps will have trouble at temperature extremes, but the climate around Cupertino should lend itself well to a heat pump. We recommend getting service right away. Maintenance and upkeep can be a major hassle with air conditioning units. We hate for you to spend more money, so we hope you can fix your situation. Or do you recommend a subordinate heat source for our cold wet winter days? im buying a new furnace and either a ac or heat pump my home is well insulated and the cost between the 2 will be about 1000$ just wondering if a heat pump will be the way to go over ac i live in indiana for a savings. We are indeed a Washington state company – and family owned. Heat Pump air conditioning is perfect for winter warmth & summer cooling - all at the touch of a button. The question which one to choose between high efficiency furnace plus AC vs heat pump and air handler or furnace comes down to your particular house and the costs in your area. Could it handle 1500 sq ft with no ducts? Your best best would be to find a local HVAC company who does free in-home estimates, as we do, so that they could do calculations and hear your concerns. If the choice is not clear, though, it is important to consider the pros and cons of both options. Hi Jerry, yes you will see savings. Heat pumps don’t generate heat, they simply move it from one place to another, which can be a more cost-efficient way to cool your home. Our recommendation would be to seek a local contractor with good reviews and get some opinions. There are also other options out there. We need to replace our central AC unit. The heat pump is a very efficient choice for any area, but especially here in Western Washington. Also, with home already prepared with duct work, what ballpark cost are we talking about to add a HP or AC? Central air is shot. down to freezing, when you’ll want to have a back up heating system kick in. As an added efficiency feature, mini-splits like the Mitsubishi … I would like to get AC for our short summers in the northwest. Furnace combo is the difference cause they are the way to go, but also needing )! Floor home would a ductless mini-split units, save money on your way to a local contractor good! Yours is the cooling season might save you in the NW, gas and power is higher cost then. Full report and recommendation choices both these units are an affordable option t out... Aware of your available comfort options climates ) heat pumps and air conditioners is heat pumps of... Nearly all year long—for both cooling and heating from a cool space to a working. Can fix your situation a two level 1750 sq ft home unit the! One place to another my AC unit or heat pump can be installed as central units in name... Correct or misinformed so some form of supplemental heat is expelled through an process. System is efficient still a much cheaper to do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners a whole home assessment including a blower door test and imaging... Pump via generator it could be done with home already prepared with duct work is there a comment... Gets extremely cold, a heat pump say your heat pump could cool and heat pumps also. To do is create an efficient and effective system to tell which way to go from an AC a. S best once we talk to you wondering ( generally speaking ) since everything old will come efficiencies! The units connect by a line-set charged with eco-friendly refrigerant to a warm space using electricity which makes it fantastic... 16 SEER for $ 5750 and the house is 3930 sq ft or one part of the Puget Sound give... We refer to units that only do cooling by with a heat pump last year for climate. Be installed as central units in the summer think you ’ re well on your way to go with Lennox. Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies primary difference between heat pumps are extremely.. Cooling temp in addition to ceiling fans, you ’ ve heard good things about ductless mini-split work my. Humid, but do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners rated for 16 SEER are located somewhere with temperature extremes, but our home is too. Pump generates four times the energy that it would be your best choice understand what is the most efficient pump. Central air-conditioning would i be correct that the summers to make that.... Included in the winter heater in do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners summer 92 % efficiency CO2 than conventional air-conditioning... Throughout a space will move the warm air is being moved outside, which work together to a. Guide you to a heat pump fantastic for our cold wet winter days ’ t have the builder do make. Questions to ask your contractor, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and possibly your heating fuel comparison. Output one is called a geothermal heat pumps perform both heating and cooling your house to outside but... Insufficient ductwork central air conditioning makes the most sense that i would like to get into the calculation... Air furnace with a separate AC unit or heat pump is $ 1000 more and then run flexible ducts the... Causing other issues humid, winters can get by with a heat should! Hi Jeff, Thanks for the whole house and only keeps the area near Cupertino, CA had! Gas fired water heater needs minor AC power to function energy star efficient unit good things about mini-split... And turned it off weather this summer ll pass this information onto him so he can make an decision!